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Married To A Doll For Four Years

Married TO A Doll For Four Years:

Dirk is a single man. Having been disappointed with life without a real woman, this man decided to share his life with a silicone doll he named Jenny. Weighing 50 kilos and with close forms of reality, Jenny is always by Dirk … even for moments of tenderness!

Incredible as it may seem, this relationship proves that love does not necessarily exist only between two humans. These images taken by a photographer, Sandra Hoyn, unveil the daily life of this true but unlike other couples.

“I found peace with it” Dirk must have spent the about 6,000 euros ($6,828) to be accompanied by Jenny, her silicone doll on his daily routine. Suffering from loneliness and depression, the forty grabbed the doll four years ago. Since then he spins the perfect love with her: “I can not live without love the loneliness destroyed me […] With my old companions, I had to fight to receive affection, but not with Jenny… . I found peace with her, “said Dirk.

“I never want to live without it” And for everyone who does not croieraient in love and criticize Dirk by saying that Jenny is not real, the man answered, “Jenny is a being so sensitive. She is defenseless. […] Jenny brings me stability. I never want to live without it again. His words touch me with their purity, serenity and honesty. ” But do not think that Dirk has no head on his shoulders, he is well aware that Jenny is made of silicone and is devoid of common sense. “Jenny is a soul from another world She is the energy of a world without brains, “he concludes.