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Marvel Movies That Ignored Important Parts of the Comic Books

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Marvel Comics Superheroes The Marvel roster is expansive | Marvel Comics

It’s an age-old story. For what feels like an eternity, Marvel and DC have been locked in an endless battle for comic book dominance like so many hero and villain rivalries found in the pages of their publications. Now that both studios are finally developing shared universes on the big screen, the competition between the two has only intensified. At the moment, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) still reigns supreme as far as both box office and critical reception is concerned. However, DC appears to be gearing up for bigger things if the footage for Justice League is to be believed.

As much as many fans love the film adaptations of Marvel properties, the company has also been the subject of complaints from comic book purists. Many of the big-screen versions of these beloved characters and stories have made drastic changes to the source material, either ignoring major elements or simply eradicating them completely from the ongoing narrative. Here are just a few of the most glaring examples.

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