Masturbation Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Masturbation is acceptable as a type of sex, though debatable. The only difference is that a person does not require a partner to satisfy their sexual desires thus its alternative definition; “self-stimulation.” Statistics report that men masturbate more than women. All in all, this self-stimulation act continues to draw controversy like the topic of gay relationships. The outstanding difference is that rather than be a legal debate, it lies in the health context with the question being, is masturbation safe?

Pros of masturbation

  1. Masturbation decreases the chances of contracting STIs because it has no sexual encounter with multiple partners.
  2. Recent studies show that sex reduces prostate cancer in men. The studies also classify masturbation as normal sex.
  3. In other studies, reports indicate that self-stimulation decreases stress, calms the mind, and induces sleep. As such, it is an alternative to relaxing.
  4. Unlike heterosexual sex, masturbation only ends when the performer feels satisfied. Therefore, partners (especially women) can masturbate whenever they feel left out.
  5. Finally, self-stimulation acts as an alternative source of sex to persons with self-esteem issues. It provides satisfaction for them and also allows them to explore their bodies.


  1. Excess masturbation stimulates the release of sex neurotransmitters and hormones such as dopamine. Excess dopamine increases the sexual desire leading to addiction or hypersexual activity.
  2. Masturbation in men may lead to premature ejaculation, weak erections, testicular pain, hair loss, and abdominal pains. Premature ejaculation occurs because the environment created by artificial vaginas or other helpers differs from the real vagina. As such, the male organ gets “surprised” upon penetration leading to involuntary ejaculation.
  3. Semen leakage may occur due to excessive masturbation. This occurs when the genitals become overly sensitive due to frequent stimulation. As such, they may secrete sexual fluids at the slightest stimulation. lonely man
  4. Skin infections occur when masturbation occurs under unhygienic conditions. Excess rubbing weaken or bruises the skin allowing easier penetration of bacteria and other pathogens.
  5. Psychologists report that masturbation unbalances the urge for sexual partners. This means that people that masturbate may become “mean” and not require partners of the opposite sex. As such, it may break relationships.

With both sides balancing, it is up to the individual to settle on a verdict.

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