McPizza and Other Fast Food Failures You Can’t Order Anymore

McDonald’s Big Mac has been around since 1967, but not every fast food menu item lasts so long. Relentless competition and changing customer tastes mean companies are always reinventing their menus. Sometimes diners love the change — witness the success of McNuggets, introduced in 1983 and now one of the chain’s biggest sellers. But others flop big time.

Although these innovative menu items might have some loyal fans, it’s not enough to save them from the fast food graveyard. We’ve rounded up a few of the biggest missteps from McDonald’s, Burger King, and other chains. Do you remember any of these 15 fast food failures?

1. McPizza

In the late 1980s, the Golden Arches tried to take on chains, such as Domino’s, by introducing pizza. But it never really caught on. The problem was the 11-minute cooking time for each pizza, which didn’t fit with McDonald’s reputation for speedy service. Plus, Pizza Hut didn’t take kindly to a burger joint muscling in on its territory, and it launched a campaign to convince people the competing pizza wasn’t fresh and wasn’t a good deal, according to Mental Floss.

McDonald’s pizza was never widely available and quietly faded away by 2000 or so. But you can still get it at two McDonald’s locations in Ohio and West Virginia, which has inspired some road trips from dedicated fans of the pies.

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