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Men are More Narcissistic than Women

A 31 year study conducted by the University of Buffalo found that men are more narcissistic than women, which is the result of projected gender roles and stereotypes. Women are often reprimanded for being arrogant, self-absorbed or entitled, when these are characteristics that are often encouraged in men. Within the study, researchers looked at three aspects of narcissism; leadership/authority, grandiose exhibitionism and entitlement. They found that the biggest gap in narcissistic behavior in men and women fell within the areas of entitlement. With this telling observation, it can be asserted that men are more apt to exploit others, take advantage of opportunities and feel more entitled to particular privileges. The results from this study show the continued unethical and growing disparities between men and women. It can only be hoped that research and studies such as this, will increase awareness and greater steps toward equality for men and women. In order for society to flourish and evolve further in the right direction, it is imperative for the gender discrepancies illustrated in this study to gradually dissipate or be completely eradicated rapidly. Considering all of the advancements in modern society and science, the future of the human race is undeniably reliant upon each and every person’s ability to contribute and co-exist by using a universally unified mindset. For more information on this topic of study click here