Men, Here are Erection Killers You Should Know About

In the United States only, over 18 million men suffer from erectile dysfunction and it is unfortunate that most people do not know the erection killers which put them in this trouble. In this sum, about 50 percent are aged between 21 to 45 years. If you were to ask any man who has experienced it, they would tell you the embarrassment and stress it may cause. A man who is unable to perform his role feels worthless and weak.

Lest you fall into the category, learn about some erection killers you probably never knew about. Adjust so they do not bend your flag post when there is a national holiday 🙂

  • Excess Sugar

Consuming excess sugar boosts the content of blood glucose levels that in turn causes insulin to be secreted in excess. Excess insulin torpedoes the production of testosterone that makes it hard for you to have a hard erection.

  • Grocery Receipt Ink

The ink fits in only when you happen to chew the receipts. The type of ink and paper used contain the chemical bisphenol-A, which encourages your body to secrete estrogen. Estrogen is a female hormone. As a man, therefore, ingesting the ink and paper will discourage erections. Bisphenol-A is also present in canned foods and hard plastics.

  • Insufficient Sleep

Enjoying less that 5 hours’ sleep for a few days lowers your testosterone levels by up to 10 percent, according to studies. Testosterone levels drop as one lacks sleep. This explains why a sleepy man would prefer sleep over lovemaking. In the long run, lack of sleep may lead to erectile dysfunction. This is one of the leading erection killers known today.

  • Lack of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is secreted upon exposure to the sun. If you stay indoors and lack the exposure, your testosterone levels are likely to nosedive. To avoid this, ensure that you have at least 15 minutes’ exposure to the direct sun.

  • Alcohol

AlcoholNoooo! That is the expected silent outcry from booze lovers. Unfortunately, with the younger generation drinking like it breathes, it is pumping in a notorious erection killer into their systems. Alcohol contains substances with estrogen, the female hormone. Remember what it does? It lowers your testosterone levels. Luckily enough, if you drink less than two drinks daily, your much-valued talent is safe!

Help save more erections! Make yourself a hero by listing one or two erection distorters that you might be aware of in the section below.

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