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Menu Items That Are a Complete Waste of Your Money at Chinese Restaurants

Americans love Chinese food — or at least the Chinese-American foods we all think are way more authentic than they actually are. Although you can make many Chinese foods at home, you probably order Chinese takeout at least occasionally. But that means you’re probably wasting your money on some of the foods you shouldn’t order at a Chinese restaurant.

Some of these foods aren’t authentically Chinese. Others are just a poor value for your money. And still others would be just as easy for you to prepare at home. Read on to check out the foods that are a complete waste of money at your local Chinese restaurant.

1. Egg rolls

egg rolls

egg rolls Egg rolls | iStock.com

Most Americans know egg rolls aren’t authentically Chinese. (They seem to have originated in New York in the 1930s.) And even though they might sound tempting when you’re calling in your takeout order or standing at the counter, they’ll just add lots of extra calories to your meal. Egg rolls do include a lot of cabbage. But no amount of vegetables can offset the deep-fried dough or the caloric dipping sauce. Save your money, and just stick with the dish you planned to order for dinner.