Mermaids: Real or Make-Believe?

Mermaids washing up on shore in Hawaii. This sounds like something straight out of science fiction. But, according to recent reports there have been numerous sitings of beings who look like mermaids in various areas of Kilauea Falls, Hawaii. For decades, even centuries, there have been eyewitness reports of half human – half fish beings appearing in the water and washing up on shore. The folklore and tourists reports surrounding these events are usually ignored, but with some new images turning up now, people are paying more attention to these assertions. When individuals noticed the latest mermaid-like entity on the shore, Hawaiian officials were called and scientists hurried to the scene to intercept the motionless ocean being.  In Kilauea Falls, the attention of citizens was raised due to the appearance of the human-fish looking creature. Where this mermaid creature came from will be up to scientists to determine, but for now, all that is known, is that there seems to be something in the deep blue seas, that is the stuff of Sci-fi dreams. Hopefully, with modern science we will soon know it’s origins and if these beings are real or make-believe. To read more about this click here

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