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Michael Jordan’s Bank Account Soars like Air Jordan

Is it their sleek, broad yet tailored design or is it they way they make you feel when you put them on and look down at your feet proudly. Whatever the reason is, it has earned NBA Legend and savvy businessman Michael Jordan an insane amount of money from Nike and his Air Jordan line. Throughout the years, the Air Jordan brand has taken off substantially and with ever growing profits, MJ raked in over $100 million from sales of Jordan brand products in 2014. Much anticipation surrounds new Air Jordan sneaker releases and as people gear up with their Air Jordan apparel, His Airness will be on track to earn even more than last year. Michael Jordan’s success on the court allowed him to capitalize on his brand in the business world. During his NBA reign with the Chicago Bulls, Michael Air Jordan became a household name. Over the course of his 15 year career, Jordan received a combined total salary of $94 million. Now, with Air Jordan at the top of the sporting brand industry, he doesn’t have to play ball anymore, he just pays himself.