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Michelle Obama: Will She Have A Facelift?

According to some Americans, someone must have succumbed to cosmetic surgery … and well, not just any! There are whispers in a fact that Michelle Obama would have a facelift!

That’s the crazy rumor around the US! According to our colleagues from across the Atlantic, Michelle Obama would have succumbed to cosmetic surgery! Indeed, it is rumored that the First Lady was offered a facelift for her 51th birthday. This is a very special gift; would it be the reason why the wife of Barack Obama has not been seen since the beginning of May, on the occasion of her passage through the David Letterman show? Mystery … One thing is certain, Michelle Obama is discreet these days, further fueling more rumors. It must be said contrary to some figures, the First Lady is not a fervent opponent to cosmetic surgery, quite the contrary. Questioned on the subject on the occasion of her 50th birthday, Michelle Obama confided at the time to People magazine: “Women should be free to do what they want if it makes them feel better about themselves” . At the time, Michelle Obama stated however not consider this solution before adding: “Never say never.” Would she succumb to the call of the scalpel? In the US, rumors are rife …

Known for her sense of style, Michelle Obama is also known for her impeccable lifestyle. First Lady Michelle Obama is not only very athletic, but she is also the face of the Let’s Move campaign, which fights in the US against obesity. While the rumor, no doubt that the next public appearance of Michelle Obama is now awaited