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Mind-Bending Illusion Tattoos Reveal Entire Worlds Hiding Beneath the Skin

Tattoo artist Jesse Rix creates visual magic on the body. With an expert understanding of optical illusion tattoo designs, his trompe-l’œil body art reveals otherworldly scenes hiding just beneath the skin. The crisp lines, master use of perspective, and bold colors create an incredible sense of depth that will make you momentarily think you’re gazing into another universe.

Rix considers surrealism a huge influence on his work, and he gravitated towards the art movement in high school, when he came across the works of Dalí and M.C. Escher. From this introduction to surrealism, he recalls “taking realistic elements and putting them in situations they wouldn’t normally exist.” This idea has translated into his expansive tattoos, which always have a familiar element to them, whether that’s a person or place. It always comes with a caveat, however, and nothing is as it seems. “I’m trying to represent that mindset when you enter into a REM sleep or a dreamlike state and your subconscious comes to the forefront.”

Rix works in a private studio in the town of Keene, New Hampshire. They are open by appointment only and take clients based on an application process. But if the New England town is out of the question for you, Rix occasionally travels to tattoo studios and conventions around the world.

Artist Jesse Rix creates optical illusion tattoos that reveal entire worlds just beneath the skin.

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