Mixing These Popular Medications Can Be Lethal

Like children on the grade school playground, not all medications play well together. In fact, some popular medications have such severe side effects when mixed together that the results can be fatal. Not sure which drugs you should never mix? Here are some combinations of medications that can be lethal.

Blood thinners and ibuprofen

A woman drinks pills with a glass of water.

A woman drinks pills with a glass of water. Don’t mix ibuprofen with other medications. | CentralITAlliance/iStock/Getty Images

Both blood thinners and pain-relievers like ibuprofen are mainstays in many people’s medicine cabinets. Taking them together, however, isn’t recommended. As Harvard Health explains, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen, interfere with blood clotting. Add a blood thinner to that, and you are at risk of internal bleeding, especially in your digestive tract.

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