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Money: The Most Hated Advice and Why You Should Still Follow It

The reason you might hate this money advice is because most of it starts with “don’t.” Financial experts have a way of making you feel like a kid again — but not in a good way. Most of the time reading a financial book or blog leaves you feeling like you’re a child who doesn’t know any better. All that finger wagging and money shaming can leave you discouraged to the point where you feel like going on a spending spree, so you can ease the pain. No one likes to be chided for simply trying to enjoy life.

Well, we’re not here to point fingers. But we are here to help you make some corrections, so you can have more peace and stop lying awake at night, worried about your money problems. Here is the most hated money advice and why you should still follow it.

Stop buying lattes

woman siting at cafe

woman siting at cafe You can have your fancy coffee, just not as much. | iStock.com/Astarot

The so-called “latte rule” has plenty of people with their undergarments in a bunch. “But I love my lattes!” you might say. Yes, yes, we understand your need for that large cup of fancy coffee, so you can get your day started and avoid making a critical mistake at work. We get it, really.

But do you really need a $5 cup of coffee every single day? You should still follow this money rule but with a twist. We’ll let you have your coffee, but we suggest cutting back, and (gasp) making your own coffee at home a few days a week. Think about that pricey coffee as an occasional treat instead of a morning must.

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