Movie Stars With University Degrees

Movie Stars With University Degrees:

They are so talented on the big screen, but we do not imagine them doing anything else. Yet, if some movie stars are known only for their blockbusters, others may boast of something extra to add to their resumes. Indeed, unlike Johnny Depp or Leonardo DiCaprio who have not completed a bachelor’s degree, many stars have attended the university benches. Then discover that more gray matter than you could imagine.

Besides having walked the halls of Hogwarts in the Harry Potter, Emma Watson is also a graduate of the prestigious American University in English Literature. And the actress does not stop there: “I have yet many things to do and to prove,” she told the Elle magazine. As for Natalie Portman is in June 2003 she obtained a psychology degree after four years of study by correspondence with Harvard. Bradley Cooper graduated with an honors English, from the University of Georgetown. In 2000, he also earned a master’s degree in arts mention the great drama school Actors Studio in New York.

The British actor Hugh Grant is a graduate in English Literature (Honors) of New College Oxford. Well before heading to the cinema, the hero of Notting Hill was considering becoming an art historian! Indeed, the unforgettable Terminator actor combines three doctorates: economics, business management and humanities. A package that has certainly served him well during his term as governor of California. Finally, Jodie Foster was educated at Yale University, she came out with a master’s degree in English literature with honors before obtaining a second degree in the Fine Arts. So whether one is allergic to books or conversely a large head eager to learn, it is clear that everyone has a chance in cinema!

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