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MTV VMAs: The 10 Craziest Moments In History

The MTV Video Music Awards are interesting for many reasons. For one, they always tend to remind us how much MTV has changed. What was once a channel devoted to music is now all about reality television. But it still gives us this crazy awards show for music videos that everyone now just watches on YouTube.

Another thing about the awards show is that they are almost guaranteed to give viewers a shocking moment. Perhaps it’s because celebrities are just there to have a good time, so they drink a little more than usual. Or maybe it’s because the awards show seems to have the most relaxed security ever and lets anyone up on stage. Whatever the reason, there have been many crazy moments that have left audiences gasping and talking about afterwards.

But which of these moments were the craziest in the award show’s history? These ten moments not only had people talking, but reminded everyone how crazy celebrities can be!

10. Lil Mama jumps in Jay Z and Alica Keys’s performance

Lil Mama

Lil Mama Source: MTV

In 2009 the duo was performing their huge hit “Empire State of Mind.” Of course the whole room got excited, but New York rapper Lil Mama took it a little too far by jumping onto the stage during the performance, and then posing with them. The two performers handled it like pros, but everyone was pretty confused about what was going through Lil Mama’s head.