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Must-Have Dollar Store Essentials to Take on Your Cruise

Packing for any vacation can be stressful, but packing for a cruise might be the worst of all. Since you’ll be spending most of your time at sea, it’ll probably be impossible to find a Walmart to cheaply purchase the things you forget to bring. That means you’re stuck paying a premium for any essentials you’re missing — or worse, you won’t be able to get them at all.

Before you leave for your cruise, head to the dollar store and stock up on cheap, convenient vacation essentials so you’re never stuck missing out on what you need again.

1. Pill box

Daily pill box with medications

Daily pill box with medications Leave the big bottles at home. | Robynmac/Getty Images

If you take pills on the daily, these clever storage containers are real space savers. Instead of packing all your giant pill bottles and digging through your bag every morning to make sure you remember to take them all, plan out your daily medication regimen ahead of time using these handy boxes.

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