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Nail Biting Can Be Dangerous To Your Health

Notice to all those who bite their nails as one out of three Americans including Rihanna! This is a bad habit – especially to those whose fingers are usually dirty, it could be dangerous to your health. Biting your fingers could increase your risk of getting infections.

Biting your nails can get you in the eyes of many people in public. And some times you cannot help biting them until they start to bleed. But if this mania called onychophagy helps you release your anxiety for a moment, it can also make your hands unsightly. In addition, it can have effect on your stomach, teeth and skin. This is a major gateway for bacteria and viruses,” says dermatologist Lawrence E. Gibson of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester (USA). “Nail biting increases the risk of getting a cold or other infection.” Moreover, “it can also aggravate pre-existing infection of the skin or the nail bed,” – the area under the nail.

And that’s not all! This addiction can permanently deform your hands. Nail biting is a bad tick because it ends up permanently damaging the ends of the finger. Note that in 2014, according to The Mirror, a British man aged 40, died of an overwhelming sepsis, caused by injuries of the skin around his nails.
Many people want to urgently get rid of this bad habit. But how to stop?

Laying dentures have proven to be the miraculous solution! Resin makes these nails too hard to be eaten. It is also possible to replace this habit with another gesture. For example, eating chewing gum or candy (sugar, preferably!) Or fiddling with your jewelery to calm you down. Another tip, bitter varnish ECRINAL based Bitrex®. Finally, for those who want to use a natural remedy, soak your fingertips in a mixture of olive oil and onion juice 2 times a day for 20 minutes. Curative effect guaranteed!

However, do not feel too guilty: according to researchers from the University of Montreal, nail-biting is actually a sign of exacerbated perfectionism.