Naked Woman Stuck In A Chimney

Very early one morning, an American mother of three children wanted to break into the house of his former partner, resident in Woodcrest, California. Her was intrusion doomed, she was rescued by firemen after she found stuck in the chimney of her ex …

For that she first and obviously tried to enter by the door but it was closed, the 35-year-old woman climbed the wall and roof of the house to slip through the chimney and arrive directly in the house, where her former partner lives with three of their children.

Just before sneaking into the duct, the woman, whose identity is unknown undressed, believing without doubt that was naked, she manage to slide through better. Unfortunately, she was soon found stuck in the chimney and started screaming to call for help. But why go through this? According to the young woman, her former spouse was fast asleep. He could not hear the bell.

Awakened by the cries of his former girlfriend, the man tried to unlock before deciding to call the fire department. Rescue took two hours to free the unwise. They took the opportunity to capture the moment … and publish the photograph on social networks.

The chimney had to be broken to bring out the woman, who was then taken to the hospital for treatment of her injuries, fortunately minor… CBS Los Angeles reports that the couple are separated and that the man, a certain Tony Hernandez does not want to see or hear about his ex girlfriend who got stuck in the chimney! Since then, the woman has earned a new nickname. Internet users have dubbed her “mother Christmas naturist”.

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