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NBA: The 10 Worst Fights and Feuds in Basketball History

Kevin Garnett looks sweaty.

Kevin Garnett looks sweaty. Many fans won’t miss Kevin Garnett. | Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Remember back when the NBA doled out penalties for Kevin Garnett and Dwight Howard over their altercation in a game between the Brooklyn Nets and the Houston Rockets. Garnett, now on the Timberwolves, received the stiffer fine, a one-game suspension without pay for head-butting the Rockets’ center, while Howard received a $15,000 fine for his own part in the matter.

Sometimes these things happen. In the heat of the moment, players can lose their cool, and use poor judgment. However, other times, players simply just don’t like each other. And this is the case with Garnett and Howard. People in NBA circles are familiar with the fact that these two players don’t get along. And, unfortunately, this sort of thing happens in professional sports.

Sometimes there are rivalries between teams, and sometimes there are rivalries between individual players. And this should come as no surprise, given how physical it can get out on the basketball court. However, feuds in the NBA aren’t always limited between players, and some of these ill feelings are quite legendary. Here are our top 10 feuds in NBA history.

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