Need a Career Change? Here Are 16 Jobs in Marijuana Industry

Jars of marijuana in a retail store

Jars of marijuana in a retail store Jars of marijuana in a retail store | Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images

Marijuana is legal for recreational use in several states now. Several years have gone by since Colorado and Washington simultaneously legalized marijuana for recreational use, and since then, millions of dollars in profits have been made by small businesses, and tens of thousands of jobs created.  Despite some early opposition to the process, the economic gains have been clear.

Tax revenue has been the major selling point to local governments throughout the legalization effort. But there are also numerous other economical benefits to ending prohibition, including an influx of new jobs to the market. Keeping cannabis relegated to the black market meant that the profits from its sale, as well as those working to earn those profits, remained off the books. By bringing marijuana into the legal realm, however, we’re getting a better idea of how the market actually works.

And how much money is going in and out of it.

Opening up a new industry within the economy always brings enormous benefit, especially if that industry — like the marijuana industry – had long been operating in the shadows for so long, with an established consumer base. It’s not just the actual growing and sale of marijuana that brings in revenue and creates jobs; legal cannabis is an entire industry, requiring support staff and regulators as well. All of this means a big influx of employment opportunities for those in areas where legalization is in full swing.

What are these jobs? What do they pay, and how can you get one?

There is a multitude of opportunities, operating just about every function you can imagine. Many of these jobs had previously been available to those in the black market or medical industry only — available to a select few who qualified or willing to work outside of the law. Now, they are becoming mainstream and available to others. Some are lucrative. Others pay low wages.

Here are 16 jobs now being created by the legal marijuana industry, providing new opportunities and giving local economies a shot in the arm; Those that allow it, anyway.

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