Negative Effects of Single Parenting

A woman with a childStatistics are showing that single parenting is on the increase, at a very high rate. It is likely that most people will mistake the trend for something that the parents are doing at freewill; but in taking a closer look, the opposite applies. Parents unanimously agree that parenting is a very difficult task; how then, would it be like raising children in the absence of the other partner?

Here is the brutal reality.

Solo Effort

Whether a parent is male or female, raising children alone will haunt them equally. The lack of someone to share the responsibilities with is strenuous enough to keep any solo parent on their feet twenty-four hours a day. Tasks such as caring for infants, maintaining the home, finding good schools, dropping and picking children from school, caring for the sick and even cooking are all run by one soul. No sharing occurs.

Financial Burden

Still on matters sharing, the financial aspect is disadvantaged. This is one of the biggest problems in one-parent families. In the standard family, the man may cater for the bills as the woman takes charge of the children and groceries. Sadly, when one parent is absent, the remaining one has to make ends meet on their own. In most of such events, the family becomes a mouse running all day on a wheel – it stagnates.

Psychological Breakdown

Loneliness sets in fast when a partner is left to a whole house that used to be lively with the two partners around. In as much as a parent may try to be close to their children, relatives, or neighbors, there is always a gap that no one but their spouses can complete. Worse still, when the children attain the “curious age”, they may unintentionally add to this nightmare. In short, they may relentlessly ask the whereabouts of their other parent, “Why don’t I have a daddy?”, “Will I ever have a sister? The trauma of such unanswerable questions is only understandable by solo parents.

Socially-detached Children

Recent research proves that children brought up in single-parent families tend to display lower social functioning. This is a sad but very real fact. No single explanation has been offered regarding this observation, but in reality, such children often have issues with their self-esteem, are likely to misbehave, and are more aggressive. This may be triggered by discrimination due to their lack of both parents.

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