Never Overlook These 25 Things When Inspecting a Used Car

Shopping for a used car can be an arduous task, but you really need to make sure you do your homework or you could have an automotive money pit on your hands. If you decide to buy used, you need to make sure that the car doesn’t have any accidents on its record and check that it’s listed for a reasonable price.

used car

used car A used blue station wagon | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

From there, schedule a time with the seller to see the car in person. This will let you look over the car and make sure it’s well-kept and meets your expectations. Anything that’s not satisfactory should be brought to the attention of the seller and can be used as collateral to get them to bring the price down. We won’t sugar coat it: There’s a lot that you need to look over. Luckily, here are the 25 parts of a used car you need to look over before buying.

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