Never text and Walk in Snake country

Come around all, for the famed story of Tim Malone, who was lost in his smart phone’s screen when he stumbled upon a four-foot-long bull winder that was none excessively satisfied at being stepped on.

Feature from a camera at a close-by corner store plainly indicates Malone drawing nearer the walkway while texting on his smart phone, then bouncing in shock as he finds the snake at his feet.

Malone, a radio DJ from Chickasha, Okla., Said, “Adrenaline assumed control. At that point I understood it was a snake, and I began kicking to get it off.”

Malone was not truly harmed by the assault from the bull snake, whose nibble is not venomous. He even helped discharge his assailant once again into nature. All the same, we envision it’ll be sooner or later before he’s messaging while strolling once more.

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