New ‘Justice League’ Trailer: That Mysterious Person May Not Be Who You Think

At the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con, Warner Bros.’ Justice League premiered their third and most comprehensive trailer yet. In it, we get our first taste of Steppenwolf, the big bad of the movie, and feel the tone of a society that has fallen into chaos. Superman is dead. Batman has strangely disappeared from action. The world is without hope.

But fans are most excited about one big moment at the end of the trailer, in which Alfred talks to someone wearing something red (or maybe brown) over their shoulder. Is it the return of Superman? There are some context clues that lead us to believe that Justice League may not be teasing Superman’s return — at least, in this moment.

Find out more on that, plus a few other points you may have missed from the trailer, below. Spoilers ahead!

1. Is Alfred actually talking to Superman?

Alfred looks ahead while wearing a vest and glasses

Alfred looks ahead while wearing a vest and glasses Alfred has an important conversation, but with who? | Warner Bros.

The trailer leads us to believe that Alfred is talking to Superman at the end. There’s no other way around it — that’s what the people at DC Comics seem to want us to think. We see the ripples in Alfred’s scotch as we hear pounding in the distance, and then Alfred speaks to the unseen character and says, “You said you’d come. Now, let’s hope you’re not too late.”

The word “hope,” also used earlier in the trailer in the form of a newspaper headline referring to Superman’s death, further pushes us to the conclusion that this is all about Superman. But there is another moment in the trailer where a voiceover from Steppenwolf mentions “the lanterns.” This is a clear Green Lantern reference, and if you look in Alfred’s glasses, you can see the reflection of a green light reflecting off whoever he is speaking to.

Is this actually just a red herring for Green Lantern and not the setup of Superman’s return? It’s entirely possible.

What do you think?

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