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New Rumors About Marvel’s ‘The Punisher’ Series

Beyond the box office dominance of their ever-expanding cinematic universe, Marvel Studios has been gaining an impressive amount of momentum on the small screen by turning some of their B-list comic book heroes into stars of their own Netflix series. Jessica Jones, DaredevilLuke Cage, and Iron Fist have successfully forged a path for Marvel’s TV offerings which sits somewhere between pulpy and prestige.

Another addition to their interconnected universe of TV-ready heroes will be Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle, in Marvel’s upcoming The Punisher series. The character was first introduced as the shadowy counterpart to Daredevil in that series’ second season, but as Luke Cage demonstrated, a character’s early appearances on another Marvel show won’t necessarily translate exactly to his or her own series.

With The Punisher‘s 2017 release date fast approaching (though not fast enough, if you ask me), let’s review some of the latest rumors concerning our next small-screen hero.

1. Frank Castle isn’t the Punisher just yet

Actor Jon Bernthal looking down and holding a mask in The Punisher on Netflix

Actor Jon Bernthal looking down and holding a mask in The Punisher on Netflix Jon Bernthal | Netflix

Daredevil Season 2 saw Frank Castle begin his long descent into violent moral ambiguity after the mysterious murder of his family by Hell’s Kitchen’s criminal elements. But according to Bernthal, Castle’s transformation into the lovably ruthless Punisher won’t be quite complete at the show’s start. It’s quite likely the first season will follow the final steps of his evolution, which could either prove interesting or threaten to slow down the flow of action (one of the few overriding flaws with all of Marvel’s Netflix series so far).

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