10 Big Lies Jeff Sessions Keeps Telling About Marijuana

Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions Jeff Sessions has been adamant about his position on marijuana. | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

When President Donald Trump decided to appoint Sen. Jeff Sessions to the post of attorney general, marijuana advocates knew they were in for a rough ride. Though the country has made tremendous strides in terms of cannabis policy over the past five years, Sessions has been a lifelong detractor. He has voiced very strong opinions against marijuana and legalization. He even said he liked the members of Ku Klux Klan — until he found out they used cannabis, of course.

Sessions is an anti-drug warrior and has made that very clear through his public testimony over the years. Due to his rather extreme — extreme for our current culture, anyway — views on cannabis, he’s walked the line between fact and myth in a very liberal fashion. He tends to toss out grandiose and dire predictions about what would happen if states continue to legalize or if law enforcement isn’t allowed to continue drug raids unabated.

Often, he outright lies about marijuana. And we know they are lies because they are easily and readily dispelled. Obviously, everyone is entitled to their opinions, and that includes Sessions. But when you’re America’s top lawyer and running the Department of Justice? We’re all better served if you stick to the facts. Here are some of the most pervasive and damaging lies Sessions keeps repeating about cannabis.

1. ‘We do know that legalization results in greater use’

  • Cue Ron Howard: “It doesn’t.”

This is one of Sessions’ more recent comments and also one that is easily dismissed. Sessions said in areas where cannabis has been legalized, use rates go up. That’s actually not a very crazy idea — you would probably expect that to happen, in fact. But a recent study also shows it’s erroneous. Published in the journal Addiction, the study said “medical and recreational marijuana policies did not have any significant association with increased marijuana use.” So we know Sessions is wrong on this count, at least until we see data to prove otherwise.

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