10 of the Worst Songs of the 1990s

Billy Ray Cyrus Mullet

Billy Ray Cyrus Mullet The mullet was one of Billy Ray Cyrus’ most well known characteristics. | VINCE BUCCI/AFP/Getty Images

It’s truly a wonder sometimes what we were thinking during the ’90s. The fashion was pretty terrible and the pop music was definitely questionable. We have previously praised the best music to come out of the 1990s, but we would be doing a huge disservice to not talk about the worst. Because let’s face it, there’s a lot! Here are 10 of the worst songs from the decade of grunge.

1. Aqua — “Barbie Girl”

The 1997 single was released from a Norwegian pop group. The song has the female singer deeming herself a “Barbie Girl” and pretty much flirting with Ken throughout the track. It’s pretty terrible and cheesy, but again, the ’90s were full of that so it got people singing along. Believe it or not, the song was ranked among the “Best Number One of All Time” on VH1. It also led to a lawsuit.

Mattel Inc. filed a lawsuit against MCA Records Inc. and Universal Music & Video Distribution Inc. for trademark infringement and dilution due to the unauthorized use of Barbie. According to the Rolling Stone, the company was not very happy with the “hanky panky” theme of the song and the lawsuit claimed that the lyrics, “associate sexual and other unsavory themes with Mattel’s Barbie products.” The lawsuit however, was thrown out, but in a way, Mattel still won since the pop group split up.

In 2001, the band gave this statement according to Billboard, “We have looked each other straight in the eye and reached the conclusion that, for the moment, the spark is missing.”

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