10 Style Lessons Your Mother Was Totally Right About

Mother knows best, right? As much as we don’t like to admit it, mom is usually correct on most occasions — especially in hindsight. Here are 10 style lessons you’ve likely heard on more than one occasion that prove she really does know a thing or two about style.

1. Size doesn’t matter

wooden hangers with indexes sizes

wooden hangers with indexes sizes Who cares what the size listed on the rack is? |

Well, at least not when it comes to the number on the back of your garments. By now, it’s widely acknowledged vanity sizing is an epidemic in the fashion industry — meaning there is no consistency in sizing from retailer to retailer. You may be a size four in a mainstream American retailer and a size eight in a high-end European brand.

Like your mom said, you’re not wearing your clothes inside out. No one cares what the tag says — and neither should you. Don’t force a size that doesn’t suit you. You’ll be far better off to go for the right fit no matter what number it is.

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