10 Underrated IPAs You Should Start Drinking

As an overall beer category, IPAs certainly get plenty of love. Despite reports of a slowing trend in craft beer sales, said IPAs are still enjoying their time in the spotlight. The style has become a buzzword that beer lovers seek out, which explains why there are so many choices.

While so many options might seem exciting, not all of those beers are great. Some brewers have started to use hops as a crutch, creating beverages that are one-note and bitter enough to make your taste buds feel like they’re under attack. Sticking with a few well-known choices is a good way to avoid a disappointing beer, but there are tons of great ones you probably don’t even know about. Fortunately, we’ve done a little bit of digging to help you out. Try these 10 brews to get out of your IPA rut without risking a disappointing happy hour.

1. Wormtown Brewery Be Hoppy

wormtown brewery

wormtown brewery Packing up Be Hoppy at the brewery | Wormtown Brewery via Facebook

If you haven’t embraced canned beer, it’s time to open your eyes to a whole new world of brews. Once the calling card of low-quality lagers, the aluminum packaging is becoming more and more popular in the craft beer scene. According to Business Insider, cans are better for the environment, cheaper for the breweries, and they’re actually better at preserving the beer’s quality since light doesn’t have a chance of getting in.

One of your best bets for beer in a can is this IPA from Wormtown Brewery. Though it’s received plenty of acclaim in competitions, Deadspin’s Adequate Man said many people who live in Massachusetts don’t pay this beer nearly enough attention. The article described it as “smooth and balanced, with some honest-to-goodness barley character daring to peek out from underneath the hops.” The bitterness is there, but so are a host of other flavors.

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