11 Drugstore Shampoos and Conditioners That Celebs Love

We’re all perfectly capable of choosing the shampoo and conditioner that’s right for our hair, but we still love learning about cult-favorite hair products and the items that keep chic celebrities’ manes in tip-top condition. The only problem is many favorite products of wealthy celebrities and fashion industry insiders can get a little pricey, and it’s probably not a good idea to start paying exorbitant per-ounce prices. Fortunately, we have a solution.

Whether your favorite beauty idols are runway models or movie stars, fashion editors, or beauty bloggers, they likely all have something in common: At least occasionally, they ditch the high-end products in favor of something more affordable. Something that we mere mortals can find in the aisles of our neighborhood drugstore.

No matter whom you take your beauty cues from, the power of a great drugstore shampoo and conditioner is universal. As is the feeling that you’ve gotten the greatest deal this side of Hollywood when you leave your Walgreens or CVS without a major dent in your wallet — but with great hair in your future.

1. Pantene Pro-V Classic Clean Shampoo and Daily Conditioner

Pantene Pro-V Classic Clean Shampoo

Pantene Pro-V Classic Clean Shampoo Pantene Pro-V Classic Clean Shampoo and Daily Conditioner | Walgreens

Model Jacquelyn Jablonski told Vogue, “I like Pantene shampoo and conditioner, because my hair is so straight and I find it gives me a little lift.” Sounds like reason enough to try Pantene’s Pro-V Classic Clean Shampoo, and the corresponding Daily Conditioner if you want manageable hair with healthy shine. 

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