15 Bathroom Gadgets That Are a Waste of Your Money

Targeted consumer marketing can get the best of us, despite our efforts to resist temptation. Extraneous household products are out to attack our wallets with a vengeance. And bathroom gadgets are no exception. Some useless bathroom products seem like smart buys but others are so wacky it’s a miracle anyone bought them in the first place. If you want to cut back on spending, the home goods section is a good place to start. Have you purchased any of these gadgets?

15. Intelligent toilet

Kohlet Numi Intelligent Toilet

Kohlet Numi Intelligent Toilet Is there a need for fancy toilets? |

Kohler’s smart toilet will change your bathroom experience forever. It features ambient color lighting, Bluetooth capabilities, and heated seat and foot warmers. While it includes efficient power-saving modes and water-conservation methods, it’s unlikely this toilet will ever pay for itself — at least not in your lifetime. This stylish throne costs a pretty penny. But did we forget what toilets are for? A standard commode works just fine.

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