15 Cities to Live in if You Love Donald Trump

Trump rally

Trump rally Find some like-minded people in these cities. | Jeff Swensen/Getty Images

You voted for President Donald Trump, and you’re proud of it. But perhaps you’ve likely found yourself caught in the crossfire of anti-Trump enthusiasts, and you want out. And considering that a large chunk of the population voted in favor of Trump, you aren’t alone.

Because Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by almost 3 million, the task of finding your like-minded Trump supporters might be more difficult than you initially expected. No need to fret — we’ve found them for you. Whether you are searching for coastal bliss or a mountain escape full of your fellow Trump supporters, look no further than these 15 cities.

1. Rosemary Beach, Florida

The white sandy beaches of this quaint town are begging you to come take a load off. Situated on the Florida Panhandle, Rosemary Beach is a true slice of paradise. The town was established back in 1995. Whether you’re into fishing, bird watching, or simply relaxing on the beach, you’ll love this place. And to boot, Walton County voted 76% in favor of Trump, so you’ll certainly make fast friends.

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