15 Fashion Retailers That Are Totally Failing to Attract Customers

It seems like every day there are reports of another retailer’s demise. Even perceived mainstay Toys R Us is now officially down for the count. Many stores are in danger, and even restaurants aren’t immune to the stresses of today’s unforgiving market.

Many fashion retailers are making last-ditch efforts to lure customers back to their stores. But the fashion industry is nothing if not cutthroat, and only the strongest will survive. Here are 15 fashion retailers desperately trying to attract customers but failing miserably.

1. Alfred Angelo

Alfred Angelo bridal

Alfred Angelo bridal It closed up and left brides out of luck. | Alfred Angelo via Facebook

Not one to shy away from bridezillas, all proverbial hell broke loose when Florida-based bridal shop Alfred Angelo unexpectedly shut its doors without making good on its promise to deliver wedding gowns to paying brides. Many were left without their deposits and dresses when the retailer closed up shop and filed for bankruptcy.

But competitor David’s Bridal emerged as the hero, offering a discount to Alfred Angelo brides. However, it’s unclear whether the retailer can make good on its promise as David’s Bridal is also experiencing profit woes, according to Moody’s.

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