17 Most Common Job Interview Mistakes You Must Avoid to Get a New Job

man adjusting bow tie

man adjusting bow tie Avoid these costly interview mistakes to land that dream job. |

Ever walk out of an interview thinking you absolutely sealed the deal? With a light pep in your step, you’re ready to embark on a celebratory dinner that’s sure to accompany an impending offer. But then, the call doesn’t come. Days later, you follow up (as any serious job seeker would do), and you hear nothing. It’s radio silence all the way.

Well, no offense, but it’s probably something you said — or something you did — maybe without even knowing. The job search can be a long and gruesome row to hoe, with many interview do’s and don’ts getting buried beneath the weeds.

So it’s time for a refresher course on interview mistakes. Some you might know, but others you might have forgotten (such as No. 9). Regardless, you should avoid these mistakes at all costs when looking for a new job.

1. Practicing bad hygiene

Anne Hathaway with her hand to her mouth looking shocked

Anne Hathaway with her hand to her mouth looking shocked Don’t make your interviewer cover his or her face like Anne Hathaway here. | NEON

Bad hygiene is a surefire way to land your application in the trash. Sloppy clothes and unwashed hair can be off-putting to anyone, especially hiring managers. Pay close attention to your hygiene. Do you, um, smell funny? Your days of showing up to an 8 a.m. class disheveled after a Thursday night full of college frat parties are over. Wear a subtle amount of perfume, and remember to apply deodorant. Comb your hair, and brush your teeth. An overpowering aroma will definitely make you a memorable candidate — but not in the way you’d hoped.

You better get your timing down …

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