5 Signs That You Dress Inappropriately

We’re going to let you in on a little secret: It’s totally OK if your life doesn’t revolve around fashion. Sure, some of you may keep up with the newest names in menswear, attend countless sample sales, and still be searching for a pair of Yeezy Boosts, but it’s equally acceptable if you look at clothes more as a necessity than a statement. Regardless on where you land on the sartorial spectrum, if you dress inappropriately it is not OK.

Not only does it make onlookers uncomfortable, but think of it as telling your co-workers, friends, and potential partners that you’re unprofessional and not to be trusted. However, it’s not like most taboo tastemakers are dressing to get a rise out of you: They simply may not know that they’ve crossed the fashion line. Think of these five symptoms of malapropos menswear moments — try saying that five times fast —  as our gift to you.

1. You pair more than two prints together

Wearing two prints together is a sign you dress inappropriately

Wearing two prints together is a sign you dress inappropriately Wearing two prints together is a sign you dress inappropriately. |

Once in a blue moon, with the supervision of a trained professional, mixing prints can yield stylish results. For example, a striped T-shirt underneath a baggy flannel button-down can offer a cool addition to a simple pair of jeans. But mixing polka dots, stripes, plaid, and paisleys in one outfit? Easy there, dear reader. Perhaps it’s not as unruly as fit issues, but you’re going to look like you belong in the circus, which is definitely deemed inappropriate when attending a job interview. If you’re a print novice, turn down the volume and mix one pattern with hues that are present in the anchor piece.

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