5 Types of Clothes That Don’t Look Good on Skinny People

As the fashion industry is designed for people who are tall and skinny, you would think any man fitting this description has it easy in the wardrobe department. As it turns out, there are some things that even look horrible on skinny body types, or, as they’re technically described, ectomorphic types. Whether you’re tall, of average height, or even a little shorter, this particular body type is classified as having a light build, with lean muscle, long limbs, a flat chest, smaller joints, and small shoulders. With this specific body type, it can be hard to find clothes that will fit and flatter because sometimes pieces seem to accentuate skinny bodies too much.

As with every body type, there are some rules to follow. For all you skinny people out there, here are five types of clothing that will not look good on you. We recommend avoiding them.

1. Nothing too fitted

man with muscular wearing white shirt

man with muscular wearing white shirt Stay away from anything too tight. |

Yes to slim fit, no to anything skinny. From dress shirts to T-shirts, jeans to suits, and everywhere in between, this is one of the most important tips for skinny men and women. Nothing should ever fit like it’s a second-skin because it’s only going to draw attention to your lankiness. However, that doesn’t mean you should order anything a size larger because that can also counter-intuitively highlight your build. Your clothing should fit comfortably and just right.

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