5 Types of Clothes That Don’t Look Good on Skinny People

2. A skinny tie

man straightening tie

man straightening tie A skinny tie is, well, too skinny. |

Let’s make this a general rule: Anything that has the word “skinny” in the description should not be worn on your frame. A skinny tie will not only make you appear skinnier, but you’ll look like you’re wearing something that doesn’t fit you. A broader tie is going to be your best option, since it goes a long way in bulking out the chest. Bonus: Learning how to properly tie a Windsor knot will add some definition and strength to the neck and chin area. Be sure to look for ties with horizontal patterns, slanted diagonals, check patters, and wide diamonds to add to your bulking-up look. Also be sure your tie does not fall past your belt buckle, or you may look like a clown.

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