6 Foods That Could Increase Your Dementia Risk (and What to Eat Instead)

You’ve been hearing for years about how eating a healthier diet can help prolong your life — but there’s more. Recent studies have shown certain foods can actually contribute to brain health while others have been linked to an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Here are six foods to avoid, plus six things you can do to promote brain health.

1. Sugar

Doughnuts and candy with "sugar" written in sugar

Doughnuts and candy with "sugar" written in sugar Doughnuts and candy can cause brain degeneration. |

Neuropathologist Suzanne DeLaMonte is credited with coining the term “Type 3 diabetes” when referencing Alzheimer’s disease. According to her research, sugar consumption results in insulin resistance. And regularly consuming insulin-spiking foods can eventually cause brain degeneration and dementia.

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