6 Things You Should Never Do to Your Hair

Being a well-groomed man means that you spend time on upkeep, skin care, and of course, your hair, which is an essential component of your routine. From shampooing too many times a week, waiting too long in-between hair cuts, or taking it upon yourself to dye it at home, here are six things you should never do to your hair. There’s no need to risk damaging your handsome mug.

1. Get a trendy hair cut that you know is not you

A man blow drying his hair

A man blow drying his hair Get a hair cut that fits you, not just the trends. |

While we definitely recommend keeping up with trends when it comes to the latest in menswear, we feel a little differently when it comes to our hair. If not for the most important reason: Not only may the latest hairstyle not fit your face, but it may not fit into your overall style and what’s comfortable and easy enough to maintain at home. Before you switch up your ‘do, do your research and consult with a professional. Ask yourself these two big questions: Is this new trendy hairstyle you? Can it be realistically maintained?

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