6 Ways to Make Your Old Shoes Look Like New

Your shoes, from sneakers to brogues, endure dirt and wear and tear — more so than any other item in your closet. Plus, they can make or break an outfit more than any other item you own. That said, your shoes require extra love and care for what they give you. Repay them by taking extra good care of them. Here is the proper way to care for every type of shoe. Keep in mind — a good quality shoe is worth the investment and added care.

1. Polish leather shoes

Black shoes of the groom

Black shoes of the groom Black leather shoes |

When you get a new pair of leather shoes, make sure they look the best they possibly can by polishing them. Michael Petry, creative director at the footwear brand The Frye Company, known for its leather footwear, suggests to Men’s Health to polish your leather shoes each time you put them on so they always look the best they can. If this is unrealistic for you, at least give them a good rub before you wear them out in bad weather.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to polish your babies.

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