7 Signs That You Flirt Too Much

Marilyn Monroe looking over her shoulder and winking. Sofia Vergara flipping her hair before blowing the paparazzi a kiss. These are just a couple distinguishable signs of flirting — a technique we all hope to master in a quest to woo a potential mate. But what happens when a little harmless flirting becomes way too much?

It’s true — too much flirting can be a bad thing. While you’re trying your darnedest to make your romantic intentions known, you might also be doing yourself a disservice. Let’s face it, too much flirting is kind of annoying. Here are seven signs you flirt too much, and what you should do instead.

1. Everyone and their dog thinks you’re available

Two stylish men in suits and a girl

Two stylish men in suits and a girl Too much flirting turns into too many suitors. |

Typically, when you are attracted to someone, you send them vibes that you are interested and available. But if you are a super flirt, you might be giving that vibe off to everyone. As Psychology Today points out, some people flirt simply because they think it’s fun — they see it as a sport, instead of a means of finding a mate. There’s nothing wrong with flirting for fun, but if done in excess, you can give too many people the impression that you are on the market.

If you are extra flirtatious, you should consider being more selective with the people you’re leading on. Other people’s feeling can get hurt when they realize you’re playing a game.

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