9 Eye Shadow Colors Every Woman Has to Try

Eye shadow palettes are a great value for your money, but it’s highly likely you only use a few of your favorite shades, completely neglecting the rest of the options. To make sure you aren’t settling for a palette’s pre-selected assortment of colors, it’s worth collecting individual eye shadow shades that are completely your style. Read on to see which gorgeous shadows every woman should add to her collection.

1. Make Up For Ever Prussian Blue: $21

Make Up For Ever M-240 Prussian Blue Eyeshadow

Make Up For Ever M-240 Prussian Blue Eyeshadow Make Up For Ever Prussian Blue | Sephora

It’s tough to find a dramatic eye shade that doesn’t give the impression you’re wearing costume makeup. Fortunately, Make Up For Ever has you covered. Their eye shadow products are highly blendable for a more natural look. This Prussian Blue has cool blue and steely grey hues that will turn heads for all the right reasons. 

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