A Presidential Disaster Site Visit Requires More Than You Think

Presidents have visited natural disaster areas across the nation for years, and many of those trips have been well-documented. But what the public doesn’t see is the preparation that goes into getting the head-of-state to a disaster-ridden area and making sure they’re safe during their stay.

Soon, President Trump will visit Puerto Rico where he’ll witness the damage of Hurricane Maria firsthand. Here’s what must be done prior to the trip and during.

1. Make countless phone calls

Donald Trump stands behind his desk

Donald Trump stands behind his desk Everyone needs to be notified. | Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

First thing’s first: White House staffers must notify all necessary personnel of their upcoming visit. The list includes local government officials, FEMA, newspapers and TV stations (local, state, and national), Congress members, local law enforcement, and so on. However, because the president’s safety is a top priority, they will usually withhold the exact details of his trip.

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