Caution: These Types of Pets Should Never Live Together

Lots of us are animal lovers. Maybe you even wish you had Snow White’s fairy tale life, where several little animals help you brush your hair and clean your house. Unfortunately, real life isn’t as magical, and animals don’t always get along.

Here are some species of common pets who are difficult, if not downright dangerous, to keep in the same house.

1. Birds and most cats

kitten is playing with colorful paper cranes

kitten is playing with colorful paper cranes Cats instinctively want to go after birds. |

Cats are excellent hunters (that’s why most feral cats you see look pretty well fed). And they typically won’t differentiate between a wild and pet bird. According to The Spurce, “If you have a cat and want a bird or vice versa, you should understand that in nature, the two would be enemies — predator and prey.” Cats can cause serious injury to a bird, and larger birds can do some damage with their beaks. So unless you always plan to keep these pets under close supervision, don’t house them together.

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