Celebrities Reveal Their Horrifying Experiences With Sexual Violence: Here’s How They’re Fighting Back

The article Amber Tamblyn wrote for The New York Times on her experiences with misogyny in and out of the workplace took the internet by storm. Various celebrities have been both victims of sexual assault as well as some of the conversation’s biggest activists.

Some celebrities share their painful stories publicly, and others continue to drive home the necessary point that they stand with and for victims of sexual assault.

Amber Tamblyn speaks out about the need to believe survivors

David Cross smiling, with his arm around Amber Tamblyn.

David Cross smiling, with his arm around Amber Tamblyn. Amber Tamblyn has been very outspoken about her past in order to help other women. | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Amber Tamblyn’s article was just one account of the actress’ experiences with sexual violence. This followed her Twitter response to James Woods’ view of an illicit gay relationship that drives the plot of Armie Hammer’s forthcoming film, Call Me by Your Name.

She penned an open letter reminding him of his unwanted sexual advances toward her years ago, then days later wrote the NYT article as a reaction to the responses she received. “It’s no wonder that the federal Bureau of Justice Statistics reported that from 2006 to 2010, 65% of sexual assaults went unreported,” she writes, “What’s the point, if you won’t be believed?”

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