Easy Tricks to Make Your Favorite Unhealthy Foods Healthier

We get it — eating healthy all the time can be a real pain in the behind. You want to take care of yourself and live longer, but there are so many delicious and un-nutritious foods out there. Fear not, for there are ways that you can have your cake and eat it too! (Well, maybe not the whole cake.) Here are the tricks to help out your otherwise unhealthy meal.

Bake your bacon

Fried Bacon on an old vintage wooden table.

Fried Bacon on an old vintage wooden table. If this is a breakfast staple you just can’t live without, bake it in the oven instead of frying.  | HandmadePictures/iStock/Getty Images

At 45 calories and 3 grams of fat, a single piece of bacon is one of the most fattening foods on the planet. Not to mention the negative impact it has on your health. But there is a solution if you simply can’t give up this tasty meat! Opt for less fatty cuts of bacon, and bake the strips instead of frying them to reduce your fat intake. You still shouldn’t eat bacon everyday, but this trick will make it less guilty!

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