Everyday Habits Totally Killing Your Sex Drive

Is your relationship a healthy one? Do you spend enough time together — and enough time apart? Do you argue? How do you show appreciation for one another? Intimacy isn’t the only sign you and your partner are on good terms — but it’s an important part of every couple’s lives. A struggling sex life can cause strain in other areas of your relationship — even though many causes of low libido are preventable.

What’s killing your sex drive? All your worst habits, basically. Let’s take a closer look at those (no shame).


woman unbuttoning her pants

woman unbuttoning her pants If you have to unbutton your pants, it’s a bad sign. | Voyagerix/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Indulging in the occasional snack food can quickly turn into a daily habit. Unfortunately, your weight isn’t the only thing that suffers. According to, what you eat — or how much — can negatively impact your sex life. If overeating leads to obesity, you’re much more likely to experience low libido. Eating the right foods, and controlling your portions, could turn this problem around. Here are some foods that might give your sex drive a boost.

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