Healthy Food Trends Consumer Reports Recommends

Healthy food is great for your body, but it can sound pretty boring. Vegetables and fruit, quinoa and sweet potatoes, fish and almonds, green tea and olive oil — all of these ingredients can help you live a longer, healthier life. But on their own, they don’t sound exciting. And they probably don’t make you feel particularly adventurous in the kitchen. Fortunately, you can turn to food trends — and not just the kind celebrities started — for exciting new health foods that will add new flavors to your diet.

Get the scoop on a variety of new health food trends that have recently burst onto the scene. Worried about whether fermented foods or savory yogurts are actually a good idea? Consumer Reports ran each food trend by nutrition experts. So you already have the go-ahead to add these foods to your grocery list.

1. Power bowls

veggie bowl

veggie bowl Veggie bowl |

When scrolling through Instagram, you’ve probably spotted shots of bowls that include veggies, whole grains, and protein. Those are the basic building blocks of a power bowl, which puts everything you need in a meal in a single bowl. Consumer Reports explains, “Bowl foods are on tap to be popular again this year, and you can expect to see more of them on restaurant menus and in supermarket freezer cases. But they’re only as healthy as the ingredients they contain.”

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