Here’s Why Tiffany Trump is the Meg Griffin of the Trump Family

Trump named her after a store

A banner for Tiffany and Co.

A banner for Tiffany and Co. A flag for a Tiffany & Co. store hangs along Wall Street in Manhattan. | Spencer Platt/Getty Images

The original comparison, which we have not forgotten, is that Tiffany is the “Meg Griffin” of the Trump family. That is in reference to the oldest child on the hit Fox comedy Family Guy, an awkward and unpopular teenage girl (voiced by Mila Kunis) that often draws the ire of her family. We aren’t making the case that Tiffany is awkward or unpopular – in fact, that part seems to be the opposite. But on the show, it’s revealed that Meg’s real name is actually Megatron, courtesy of her dad.

Well, Tiffany was named by her father as well – after the famous jewelry store, Tiffany and Co. The store actually sits adjacent to Trump Tower in New York City, and there are worse stores to be named after if you’re a Trump child. But this similarity between Tiffany and Meg Griffin was just too good to pass up. Maybe she should just be thankful she wasn’t named after a car that turns into a robot.

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