Hideous ’90s Home Decorating Trends That Should Never Come Back

It may seem like 1990 was just yesterday, but in reality, a lot has changed since Beanie Babies were popular, roller blades were cool, and you could still feasibly find and use a payphone to make a call.

Cringe-worthy ’90s fashion pieces may be making a comeback, but that doesn’t mean that all ’90s-era trends should get an encore performance. For example, there are a few absolutely hideous home decorating trends that deserve to stay buried deep in the past (along with platform sneakers).

Read on to discover some of the worst ’90s home decorating trends that should never, ever come back.

1. Decorative border wallpaper

Amazon border wall paper

Amazon border wall paper Please leave this wallpaper in the past. | Amazon

These decorative borders most likely sprung up along the top of your kitchen cabinets or served as a separation between the top and bottom half of the wall for no apparent reason. Frequently adorned with wildlife, nature (stenciled ivy was a popular theme), or even scenes of happy domestic life, these ugly wallpaper borders are cheesier than a heaping plate of gas station nachos. If you have any remnants left in your home, cover them up with some pretty crown molding and never look back.

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